Earl Farrell

Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019

Service Summary: Please join Earl’s family at the Lakeshore Recreation Centre, 1177 Goderich Street, Port Elgin, N0H 2C3 on March 2 for a celebration of his life. Come and Go 2pm-6pm with tributes commencing at 3pm. Please feel free to dress in the attire that connects you best with your memories of Earl.

Earl Farrell With his quiet wisdom and gentle guidance, Earl touched the lives of so many. Earl passed away at Victoria Hospital in London on February 17,2019 with his wife and best friend, Geordie, at his side. His family and friends provided him with love and hope during his hard struggle with cancer and embraced him in his final days. Proud father to Josh, Sarah (Greg), Jason (Mandy) and George (Kim). Namps to Mykenzie, Greyson and Landyn (the Wolfepack), Declan, Madeleine, Scarlett and Emma, and loved dearly by Michael, Jacob, Bella and Jasmine. Big brother to Donald (Cathy), Ronald (Dianne), Brenda (Ken), John (Joyce), and Leonard. Predeceased by his parents Lester and Florence Farrell, his brother, James, and his sister-in-law, Karen. Uncle, coach, mentor and teacher to many more. Earl’s life was filled with passion and purpose. Earl spent countless hours teaching and coaching track and field. He had a gift for bringing out the best in those he mentored, at every level, regardless of ability. Those he coached learned that hard work, sacrifice and grit were essential to success. He loved spending time in his garden and it overflowed with sunflowers, poppies and food for the table. His summer barbecues and Earl Burgers were legendary. And, he loved hiking and road trips – no F150 truck will drive by, without us remembering Earl. Above all, family came first and he was the best husband, Dad, and Namps. Please join Earl’s family at the Lakeshore Recreation Centre, 1177 Goderich Street, Port Elgin, N0H 2C3 on March 2 for a celebration of his life. Come and Go 2pm-6pm with tributes commencing at 3pm. Please feel free to dress in the attire that connects you best with your memories of Earl. In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Earl may be made to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation www.smhfoundation.ca (519) 797-3230, ext 3230.

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