Mervin Wilkie

Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019

Service Summary: Cremation has taken place. A private service will be held at the Eagleson Funeral Home, Southampton.

Wilkie, Mervin Albert, passed away at the Southampton Hospital on Thursday September 12, 2019, from a short aggressive battle with Esophageal Cancer at the age of 71. Loving husband of Marilyn Wilkie (nee Smith) for 47 years. Proud father of Karen Shepherd, Kevin (Tera), and Karla (Jeremy) Goar. Grandpa will be sadly missed by grandchildren, Rebekah (Nate), Zachary, Mikaela, Brennan, Tristan, Annabelle, and Sophie, as well as his great grandson, Noah. Dear brother of Sharon (Tom) Thede and Roland (Shannon-Lee) and brother-in-law of Sharon (Greg) Hillis, and Glenn (Beth) Smith. Mervin will also be remembered by Russell Shepherd, by his many nieces and nephews, and by his many friends. Cremation has taken place. A private service will be held at the Eagleson Funeral Home, Southampton. If desired, memorial donations may be made to Canadian Cancer Society for Esophageal Cancer Awareness and Research.

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