Ray Greig

Date: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Service Summary: A Family Service will be held and interment of ashes Southampton Cemetery at a later date.

Greig, Ray, passed away peacefully with Gwen by his side at the Southampton Hospital on Thursday January 2, 2020. Raymond Albert Greig of Southampton in his 76th year. Beloved husband of Gwen Greig (nee Dunning) for 53 years. Loving and proud father to Teresa, Robert (Lynn), and Ray (Sheri). Grandpa will be sorely missed by his grandchildren, Katerina, Michael, Cole, Madison, Justin, and Brittany. Dear brother to Zealma Nickel, brother-in-law to Phyllis Greig, Sidney (Lorraine) Dunning, Linda (Les) Shepansky, and Christine Dunning. Survived by many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by his parents Robert & Luella, by his brother Charles, and by his brother-in-law's Harry Dunning and Otto Nickel. Ray will be remembered by his long-time friends Doug & Barb Shular. A Family Service will be held and interment of ashes Southampton Cemetery at a later date. If desired, memorial donations may be made to Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation or to Canadian Cancer Society.

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