Kenneth Mann

Date: Saturday, May 2, 2020

Service Summary: Cremation has taken place. A Family Service will take place at Sanctuary Park Cemetery, Port Elgin.

Mann, Kenneth passed away peacefully at the Southampton Hospital on Saturday May 2, 2020 at the age of 87. Beloved husband to Freida Mann (nee Scott). Loving father to Douglas Mann and Heather and her husband Allan Aberdein. Proud grandfather to Alex and Spencer Aberdein. Remembered by his niece Camilla Sparks and her sons Connor & Dillon Brechin, by his niece Lynda McNabb, and by his nephew Keith McNabb and his daughter Willow McNabb. Survived by his brother-in-laws, Leroy Scott and his wife Barb and Lavern Scott and his wife Helen, his sister-in-law Tressa Redfern, by Ted Thomas companion of the late Kelly Holloway, and by many nieces & nephews and their families. Predeceased by his parents Eugene “Rene” & Helene Mann (nee Bruin), by his sister Calista “Kelly” Holloway, by his nephew Steven McNabb, and by his brother-in-law Ted Redfern. Cremation has taken place. A Family Service will take place at Sanctuary Park Cemetery, Port Elgin. If desired, memorial donations may be made the Hospital for Sick Children,

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