Prearrangement…Peace of Mind

Arranging funeral preferences and decisions ahead of time can have convincing benefits. Biographical information be recorded in advance and thoughts, ideas, and creative preferences may also be arranged. When a service is already decided at the time of need, the family can continue through the acute days with less stress. The many details and financial arrangements may already be taken care of.

Today, more than ever, individuals and families are interested in making their own arrangements, deciding on the options they want for themselves, or each other. This ensures that you will receive the funeral and services that you want. Your family members will also be spared the emotional turmoil of making arrangements at the time of need.

Prearranging a funeral need not be a difficult procedure. Our funeral directors will help you through every step, ensuring that you understand your options, that are suited to your needs and desires.

The first step is to gather the statistical/biographical information that will be required through the course of establishing a pre-arrangement. Making these decisions in an unhurried manner, either at the funeral home, or in the comfort of your own home, can ensure your satisfaction with your choices.

During this process, the Director at Eagleson Funeral Home will assist in clarifying or gathering the following information needed.

Everything from family names and history, to cemetery information, executor names, newspaper information and information about organizations which can help with funeral expenses may be discussed. Once this information is gathered, the next step is to discuss what services you wish to have to celebrate a life. Whether the funeral service be in a church or the funeral home, how much visitation, items to have present so as to personalize the ceremonies, special people and even the music to be included, will be part of the funeral arrangements. The service should be tailored to your wishes. Last, but not least, a selection of appropriate merchandise will be offered. This may include a casket, a cremation urn, a burial vault, flowers, or what ever you need. Making these decisions in an unhurried atmosphere can ensure your satisfaction and pride in making your choices.

What about the costs? Prepayment of your funeral is not required. However, with pre-payment comes the peace of mind that everything is looked after and will never increase in cost. Tomorrow’s services at today’s prices. Pre-planned and pre-paying for your funeral is a wise option. If you choose to pre-pay your funeral costs, they become guaranteed at present day costs for as long as you or your loved one lives.

How does Prepayment work? The money is placed in-trust in your name, and in the funeral home’s name. Those funds then begin to collect interest. In general, interest rates compliment the cost of living or inflation. That is how we can make this guarantee to you. The provincial government states that if there are excess funds at the time of death they must be returned to your estate or they can be used to pay for other items that are not covered by the Prearrangement Contract. At the Eagleson Funeral Home the shortfall of funeral service funding does not become an obligation of the survivors. There is a small tax break in pre-paying your funeral costs. Additionally, the interest gained does not have to be reported on your income tax return. There are other options such as pre-paying a portion of your funeral expenses, insurance funded pre-paid funerals or by manageable monthly installments, all of which can be discussed and arranged in confidence with your Director at the Eagleson Funeral Home.