Afterloss…Learning to Cope with Grief

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At Eagleson Funeral Home we believe it is necessary to provide counselling for the families and loved ones of the decease. We are pleased to work in conjunction with Afterloss Grief Management Programs.

Some Info About Afterloss

If you have lost someone very dear to you through death, you are probably going though an intensely emotional – and certainly a very painful – period in your life. Until we suffer a grief of our own, we know little about its requirements. The management of grief takes place over time because grief is a process, not an event. Because the loss of your loved one is such as highly personal matter, your grief process will be a totally individual one. However there are many experiences common to those who grieve and it is for this precise reason that AfterLoss was created:

  • to offer the knowledge and insight that promotes a better understanding of grief
  • to provide a valuable and helpful resource for the newly grieving people and for the professionals who want to help them
  • to offer comfort and care in an easy-to-read format and
  • to provide the tools needed to successfully manage the grieving periods that are so much a part of every life

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