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In Memory of
Ian Petit-Dann
November 12, 1946 – February 17, 2023 - Age 76


While peacefully listening to his musical playlist, Ian Hamish Petit-Dann left us February 17, 2023.

Married to Judith Ferguson for 33 years, Ian loved and supported all her ridiculous dreams and aspirations.  This included them becoming parents.  So, at 53 years of age, he welcomed Shaylene Littlefeather and Chantel Leanne into his life, and they became his world.  He loved being the dad that was able to be home when they returned from school, helping them with homework and having dinner ready for the family.  Ian also shared his love of music with them as they drove around in his jeep on the back roads listening to Colin James.

We began a family tradition of camping and attending the Pow Wows at Cape Croker Park (Neyasshiinigmiing).  Ian would send the girls out to find firewood and he took on the job as fire keeper, priding himself if he was able to keep it lite the whole week we were there.  Many nights were spent sitting around the campfire as a family roasting marshmallows and telling stories.  He was so proud of the independent, strong women they have become today.

Ian was a very honoured to be “Grandpa” to Shay’s children Mollie and Tyler, and Chantel and Brandon’s children Nolan and Ava.  Watching them grow and develop their individual personalities was a thrill for him.  Ian loved teaching them about fish, birds, and nature.  He created a technique for making bubbles that delighted us all for hours. Ian himself loved to read and often read bedtime stories to the kids with hopes they themselves will learn to love books.

Ian was big brother and “protecter” of his little sister Heather Bannerman (Jim) and Uncle to Ricky.  Growing up as “Army Brats” they travelled and lived in many places before their parents Lilian and Harry Petit-Dann settled in Canada.  Ian always took it upon himself to look after Heather, confronting those he felt needed to reconsider their manners in her presence.

Ian recently discovered he had been gifted a daughter from many years previous.  Brenda Ronan, her husband Pat and their two daughters Emma and Amanda became part of his life.  Ian was overjoyed and welcomed Brenda into his life unconditionally.  They spent time getting to know each other via face messaging and texting.  He was so whirled to discover the similarities they shared, such as their love for cooking and music.

Ian lived a long 76 years, experiencing more than many.  He enjoyed sports and participated in boxing, swimming, and fencing as a child.  As an adult, he played baseball, basketball, and squash.  At the time if Ian was not at work, he could always be found at the Collingwood Squash Club, either playing a game or just socializing with others.

Ian loved his time working with adolescences who were confronting adversities and living on a rural farm.  His own lived experiences gave him the understanding and empathy to support these youth to become their best.  He then went on to turn his passion for growing flowers into becoming a gardener for others.  He grew some of the most beautiful flower gardens, delighting and inspiring us all.

Music was a main stay throughout his life.  He enjoyed every genre, but mostly the Blues.  He was a self-taught drummer and guitar player.  As a child he would cart his drum set out to the forest to practice as he was not allowed to play in the house.  Some of his happiest times were sitting behind his drums where you could hear his infectious laugh after finishing a song.  He taught all of us so much about the beauty of flowers and music.

Ian enjoyed being out in nature either camping or spending time with the Platt’s at Stoney Lake.  They all have many tales to tell, mostly about the fish that got away, or the Eggs Benedict Ian would make for the crowd at brunch. Later he learned to enjoy kayaking.  Whether that involved actual paddling, or just falling in the water.  His attempts at fishing out of the kayak resulted in many nights of quickly barbequing hamburgers!

Ian enjoyed the last number of years experiencing the beauty of our “summer home” at Neyasshiinigmiing.  Sitting on the deck reading, playing his guitar, or just listening to music he always felt comforted there.  Gazing at the stars or watching the grandkids playing and swimming were what he loved best.

Ian loved hard and if you were lucky enough to be one of those, he made you feel very special.

We will miss his laugh and twinkle in his eye.

So please join with family and friends to celebrate Ian Hamish Petit-Dann.

Cape Croker Park Pavilion

July 15, 2023, at 2:00 pm